Classes have begun!

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We had a great first day of classes yesterday. Our Intro to Film class had 11 students — soon-to-be Film Makers. Our ballet class for grades K-3 will have 8 little ballerinas next week. There is still room for a few more, so it’s not to late to join if you were thinking about it! Just sign up over on our “Register” page!

INTERNS FOR CHARLOTTE’S WEBStudents in grades 5-12 who would like to intern as costume assistants, assistant directors, or tech help  for our spring production of Charlotte’s Web can sign up using this link. Interns can participate in the production for free, though we ask that you sell one box of candy to raise funds for our scholarship fund. We are really hoping to beef up this fund so that we can bless as many folks as possible with scholarships to afford our classes . If you sign up for costume help, you will work with Pam Macbeth to create original costumes! If you sign up for tech help, you will work under Jen Roca’s guidance to provide music and projected scenery for the show (on your own time). Assistant directors would need to be available during classtime.  Email us if you have any questions! aworkinprogress.attleboro at


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See you soon, and Let Your Light Shine.


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