What’s up with all the fees??

UPDATE: We have created a document called “Where does my money go?” in which we detail out the expenses even further! Read all about it here.


I just had a question come through on one of the homeschooling forums, and it was so great that I had to post it here and let you all in on the answer. Someone asked us why we have the $20 registration fees per class and various $5 charges (costume fees, script fees, etc). Here’s the answer… because I have heard this in other places as well and thought this might help everyone!


Basically, the registration fees of $20 and random $5 here and there (costume fee, script fee, music fee, admin fee, etc) are keeping us afloat. This is because we have multiple generous options to reduce the tuition down to practically nothing! Those registration fees help us pay our rent and insurance 😉


As a non profit, we have donation funds set aside for scholarships and discounts. Families can take advantage of fundraising options (and veteran families will be happy to hear we hope to offer more than just the candy this year!!), sibling discounts, and general scholarships. Using all of these options, we have had tuitions reduced from $96 (the tuition cost for the spring session of Creative Dance- not counting those lovely registration/costume fees) to $16!! That’s a real example from a family last year that was eligible for these discounts.


Last year we gave away over $1800 in scholarships for students in our Annie production and close to $1200 for our Junior Production 🙂 And somehow, we manage to pay our teachers very well (I have matched area dance studios/theatre companies in salaries), and put on professional productions that spare no expense. For our ballet class, our costume department has hand-made costumes for our girls – and they do a fantastic job!


IMG_0577We are looking into a one-time registration fee for families registering for multiple classes, but that won’t be implemented till next year. I hear you- it’s a bit much. This is the first time we have offered *this* many classes… it wasn’t an issue in years past!


Anyways, here’s the scholarship/discount page that I just updated (I’m sadly the webmaster right now- hoping to change that soon as it’s not quite my forte): http://illuminate.aworkinprogressproductions.com/?page_id=166


And here’s a link to a document that breaks down class costs using the discounts – these are examples of actual invoices from last year.


You can email us directly or contact us via any of our social media outlets if you have any other questions or want more detailed info. We are all homeschoolers at A Work in Progress and want to do our best to make the arts affordable, but still excellent!

~Jen for the rest of the Progress gang


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