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We are pleased to announce the creation of a Membership Body of Illuminate. Membership is open to all who are interested and willing to subscribe to the mission of the organization. Click here to see our Mission + Values.

The Members of illuminate will have a voice in the company as it continues to build and grow. Members will have voting privileges and opportunities to be part of committees that steer the company. In gratitude for this service, the company will grant Membership special benefits throughout the year, such as access to pre-sale tickets, discounts on merchandise, and more!

This page is still under construction! Membership will open to all on May 5, 2021

Click here to register as a Member of illuminate (for the fiscal year June 1, 2021-May 31 2022) >>

Confused by Membership? Here’s some FAQ to help…

*this section is still being worked on

  • What does it mean to say I have a “voice” as a Member?
  • What will happen at the Annual Meeting?
  • How do I get an item on the agenda of a Board Meeting?
  • What does it mean that meetings are open?

Additional Terms+Conditions

  • Dues, Obligations, and Privileges are subject to change each year
  • Membership is from June 1 through May 31 regardless of membership date
  • Membership must be reapplied for each year starting June 1

Already a Member? Click here for the password-protected Membership Bulletin Board

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