Stage Management

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to put on a production? In this class, you will learn the ins and outs of being a stage manager and how important this role is to staging a successful production. You will learn how to properly record blocking, run rehearsals and tech, run production meetings, how to assemble a prompt binder, and review theatre safety. Tips for proper show “calling” will also be taught. For students who have continued interest, a possible  role on the stage management team for the spring Junior Production can be discussed at the end of the class.Taught by Melissa Lamb.

Pandemic Note: At illuminate, we are working hard to carve a path through this pandemic that both follows the CDC guidelines and state regulations while also allowing students to take classes, create, collaborate, and shine. Click here to read a summary of what this will look like. We are revising these for the next semester as the pandemic continues to evolve. Thank you!

Tuition policies for 2020-2021: this year, due to the pandemic, we will be working with a new fee and payment schedule. Tuition is $5 per half hour (so most classes are $10/hour). You will be billed monthly for each month of classes held – that way, if we end up in lockdown again, it will be easier for us to manage refunds. Additional fees for class materials are listed on the class pages (and in their descriptions). Normally, we do not offer refunds after the first two weeks of classes, but because we are in a pandemic, we will be offering refunds for any classes missed due to covid (but not for classes that met successfully or have a livestream option).

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