2020 Statement Re: Pandemics and a Season of Unrest

how we will create, collaborate + shine brightly to the community in a season of widespread injustice and acts of hatred.

July 2020

To the illuminate community:

As we begin this new and exciting time of growth and inspiration within our company, let us not forget that we do so amidst a global pandemic and widespread acts of hatred and division. As creatives, we seek to empower our students to use the arts as a means to explore these issues and to find creative ways to engage in conversations. This creative outlet, when used as a way to process the injustices and issues that our students are facing, can become a step towards healing.

Our core values reflect our desire to create, collaborate, and to shine out to the community with our gifts in the arts. Specifically as it relates to these issues in our culture, we seek to allow space for our students to work through these issues through new works, reaching out to the community, and creating an atmosphere that is welcoming to all. 

As a creative + theatrical arts company built on a foundation of faith, we condemn all acts of hatred. It is our intent, as we grow this community of creatives, to continue to craft a culture of equality and justice. 

We look forward to the day when our society reflects Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream that his “… four little children will one day live in a nation where they cannot be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…”  and will take steps, as artists, to create change together. 

We hope that, with the continued effort of people of faith and compassion, our company can be part of growing a more just and humane world.

We know that Love Never Fails, and look forward to seeing our company shine brightly to our community in these ways.

With hope,

Jennifer Keating Roca, Director 

With The illuminate Board of Directors + Staff

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