Media Arts Crash Course: starting Tuesday Jan 14

Many AWIP classes begin this week, but a few are starting next week and we wanted to highlight them for you! The Media Arts Crash Course was introduced last year as a way to combine all areas of digital art into one course. In this class, students will explore Digital Media Art through video, photography, and a little bit of graphic design. Students will gain a solid foundation in these fields including both technical knowledge and learning creative technique. Classes will have a discussion and lecture time as well as the opportunity to do lots of hands on work.

Part One is designed to be an overview of all things Media Arts, while Part Two is where they put their skills to practice: creating an original film during the span of the class – a new film each semester! Click below to see “Cereal Wars,” which was the fall semester’s original film. We have also linked here to instructor Cole Paul’s introduction of the class as presented at our Open House on Jan 2, 2020. Click here to register!

AWIP Media Presents “Cereal Wars”

Click here to register!

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