Improv+Icing just announced!

Over the years, many people have asked me why I choose to homeschool my older two, who are now 14 and 12 (my youngest is in school, for various reasons). One of the reasons is because I am amazed at how they can learn subjects in unique ways, to help them understand the material better and to get more immersed in it. I remember the years of sitting at a desk with a textbook, my mind wandering as I doodled in my notebook. I wasn’t learning much, just going through the motions and doing what I had to do to get by. School was an annoyance, not enjoyable at all!

I love that homeschooling offers classes where kids can have a more hands-on experience and explore at their own pace. And I love that AWIP provides many of these opportunities for the community! The classes highlighted here are among them. Check out these classes by popular instructor Nicole Cannella, especially the “Improv+Icing” class just announced, starting next week! Learn more about Nicole here.

Swinging Thru Science: where students learn all about anatomy+physiology through improv, rhyme, song, and creative projects. For ages 7-12, Tuesday mornings for 10 weeks. Culminating in a small showcase for parents!

Improv+Icing: where students learn the art of fondant creations mixed in with improv! A totally unique and fun class to engage students ages 9+

And stay tuned because a few more classes will begin next week. Register today to engage in hands-on, multi-sensory approaches to learning what may have been “boring” subjects at one time. Not anymore thanks to embracing the arts in education.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


Miss Jen, for all of us at AWIP

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