Make Em’ Laugh: a workshop for older kids!

imageOne of the visions for A Work in Progress is to offer classes and workshops that are unique, challenging, and open to different age groups. We created the “Make Em Laugh” workshop in January as an offering to college-age students who might be home for the winter break, and looking for something to do. But anyone outside of high school can participate, whether you are in college or not!

Led by Brandon Latham, the workshop will explore classic comedic scenes and how to create believable characters that the audience can relate to while also delivering hilarious lines! Our hope is that we can take the mini-performance to a nursing home by the end of the week, to bring some cheer into their lives in a season that is sometimes lonely- the post-holiday, cold month of January. If you know of someone in that age group that might be interested in taking part, please forward this to them!

They can read more at the class description page HERE, and register online HERE. Students are sure to come away from the week with a smile in their heart! By the way, you can read more about Brandon HERE.

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