Hugs+High Fives+Online Learning

As much as it’s been fun to have Zoom meetings and rehearsals, it’s also been quite the adjustment… for all of us. And for all of you! One thing for sure, there is now real meaning to the quote “we’re all in this together.” It has been amazing to see communities come together — while being socially distant.

Support AWIP while quarantined!

In this uncertain time, so much is on pause. We had to pause (until further notice) our productions and presentations that were only a few weeks away from performing. In fact, this weekend was going to be our annual junior production!

AWIP counts on our Junior Production, Progress Show, and other presentations/events to bring in thousands of dollars towards the end of every fiscal year, which builds the foundation not only for the next year but for future casts, crews, and stages. We need your help!  

In the “Hugs and High Fives” campaign, you have the opportunity to send a high five (one at $5 or two at $10), a hug ($25), or more! Your support ensures that our dreams continue after this season of distancing. Thank you for coming together to support us during this season of separation! Click here to learn more.

Online Workshops

Announcing an online workshop in film editing

Next Thursday, April 9, we will be trying our first Online Workshop. This one is the Film Workshop that we had scheduled for March, but now it will be through Zoom! We are hoping to add more opportunities for Online Learning in the coming weeks. Click here for more information and to register!

As for all of our events? Right now everything is on pause as we carefully monitor the world, and local, situation alongside all of you. Thank you for your support as we navigate these unchartered waters together!

With hope that you and your family are well and safe,

Miss Jen, for all of us at AWIP

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