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History Lesson in Progress:

In May 2015, we spontaneously decided to showcase to our family + friends what Salt+Light had been up to all year…

…Which became something much bigger the next year: THE PROGRESS SHOW, celebrating the whole company every year by looking back at the accomplishments made, while looking ahead to what’s next…

We even added in a graduation element in 2018, looking ahead to the class of 2020, which we knew would be our biggest graduating class to date. But… plans have changed.

As we carve a path out of this pandemic (read our letter here regarding our tentative plans), we know for certain that this year’s progress show will happen… as a major live-streamed event in June that we are already working on (see the “front step interviews” being filmed below!).

A few years ago, a silent auction was introduced by our Fundraising Team as a new element to The Progress Show – and it was a huge hit! The Annual Auction has always had high-quality items and has become a major fundraiser for us as we build a foundation for the future.

We had already planned on bringing the auction ONLINE this year… without knowing how necessary that would be! So we are pleased to announce that the Annual Auction is now live thru May 30 with fantastic items to bid on once again.

On our social media stories (facebook and instagram), we will once again carry on the tradition of “looking back” by posting daily throwback pictures, celebrating all that has been accomplished. In June… we will switch gears and start looking ahead.

Your bidding on this auction helps us to carve that path forward, and we need your help as the pandemic has hit us hard. Thank you for your support, and enjoy the throwback… here’s a bonus one for this post – our first flyer for a Performance in May 2013 from our “Broadway Bound” class!

Thank you for your support, over the years and into the future. We hope that you and your family are safe at home, and that we will see you soon.

With hope,

Jennifer Keating Roca, Director

for all of us at AWIP

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