An opportunity…

Every now and then, I will use this space to promote an event that I think will interest those of you who are following us here on the AWIP blog. And this is one of those events….

The Worcester Shakespeare Company is holding a one-day FREE workshop on Sunday, March 2. Ever since their first workshop with us (see the Master Class page or go to our YouTube site to see a great recap of what we did),  Mel Cobb–director of The Worc. Shakespeare Company– has been fascinated by the maturity, intelligence and enthusiasm of homeschoolers. This workshop is designed to explore scenes from Shakespeare’s most popular works, and could open the door to the possibility of homeschoolers being invited to be part of their productions!  Students will work with Mel Cobb and Jack Griguoli, who is a member of the WSC troupe and a professional actor hailing from California.

2011-08-03-IMG_1775-WSC-Hamlet-Opening-Night-Homey-Dont-Play-That-1024x683-WEBAlthough their name says ‘Worcester,’ they actually perform at the Whitinsville Mill (Alternatives Unlimited, Inc).  I was able to connect with another homeschool group in that area: Crossroads Learning Center in Upton – specifically Mary Scarlata-Rowe, who teaches drama and Shakespeare to ages 9+ there. Her students will make up the majority of the group, but there is room for more.

The workshop, again, is Sunday, March 2 from 2-4pm and will be at the Crossroads Learning Center in Upton. This is *not* being offered  by A Work in Progress. But I’m going just for the fun of it 🙂 If you would like to join me, please sign up using this form:

Contact us [] if you have any questions or leave a comment here!

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