what does it mean to be at the “end of an era?”

first…. a video (in case you haven’t seen)…

What does it mean to be at the “end of an era?”

It can have many meanings, but in general the phrase signifies something changing, or ending in some form. We recently had two volunteers retire, Trish Mclernon and Traci Macomber, and many have said it’s the end of an era. The company will look different now as they step away, just as it did years ago when founding member Kim Beck and her family moved.

We also saw 13 seniors graduate, and our biggest Salt+Light team move on. This, too, marks the end of an era.

The company has made some big changes this year, not the least of which is a name change and rebranding. The era of being known as “a work in progress” is over.

The concept behind the “illuminate” brand is similar to that of AWIP —but more refined. Miss Jen lived in New York on 9/11 and never forgot what it look like the first time they used lights to represent the fallen towers. The lights were brighter than the entire city around it and shot up for miles into the sky. From far away, they looked like single beams of light bursting out of the city. But up close, they were really made up of hundreds of smaller lights, working together: stronger and brighter together.

Cole Paul and Till Productions captured this perfectly in the announcement video and the logo. Just like the 9/11 lights could never replace the towers, So it is that those who have built the foundations of this company will never be replaced. They will always be honored as part of the foundation, celebrated as the dreamers and visionaries that they were, and pillars of the company.

Annie, 2014

To all who have been a light to us and this community, thank you for the past seven years. And to all who are continuing to build with us today as we face this pandemic, thank you for being dreamers and visionaries. May we be a community and a company that encourages light and never gives up on each other….

Learn • Grow • Shine

May the next era honor the past while looking ahead with hope.

Jennifer Keating Roca, Director

for all of us at illuminate

p.s. classes are now listed for next season! Including the next mainstage: The Wizard of Oz!

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