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Just a few days left to give to our Annual In Progress Fund Drive. These pictures are a glimpse of the work you are supporting in the arts:

So far this semester, we have launched Salt+Light (our performance outreach team in their 7th year bringing meaningful performance art to youth groups, schools, and more), introduced Serve Up (a new service outreach team dedicated to serving local food pantries, soup kitchens, and other community groups), offered classes in all areas of the arts to all ages, and we are in the last weeks of rehearsal for our 8th mainstage production, “The Wizard of Oz.”

All while walking through a pandemic.

Perhaps we could have taken the semester–or the year–off. The cost of CDC-approved cleaners, masks, gloves, and sanitation systems as well as three new air purifiers – combined with the losses of lower enrollment, fewer classes so as to properly social distance, and loss of ticket revenue – has put us in a tight spot this year.

But we have hope. We believe in the power of the arts to bring communities together, to provide an outlet for healing, and to encourage gifts and talents in students who might not ever have the opportunity to do so. By keeping our costs low and offering lots of scholarships, discounts, and tuition assistance programs, we have been able to provide these opportunities to hundreds of students over the past 8 years.

But we can’t keep this up without your support. If there was ever a time to support the arts, this is it. Your donation, shout out, or ad will help build a foundation for generations of students to shine.

To learn more, and to give, click here.

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