Beyond Oz

What an incredible journey we went on last semester! Somehow, in the midst of a world pandemic which meant that all kinds of new socially distant guidelines had to be enforced, we were able to still pull off a semester of classes and a mainstage production! None of it looked like our normal class offerings, and in fact the production was played to empty seats, but it was still every bit as incredible as previous years. Somehow our students were still able to maintain connections and build as a team, even despite the restrictions and strange new rules.

This video gives a glimpse of last semester and paves the way for our next semester, starting in January! We are offering classes in all areas of the arts just like always. Some are online, some are in person, and some offer both options! Our junior production will be performed on a local stage, fully staged with sets and lights, filmed to be livestreamed for our audiences at home. Our Spring Play will feature scenes from classic theatre pieces such as “The Importance of Being Earnest” and “Waiting for Godot” and will also be held on a local stage to be livestreamed.

Our choir classes have all been moved to a later spring semester where they will all perform together in an outdoor spring concert! So even though we are unfortunately still in this strange new world of covid, we are continuing to blaze a path through the pandemic together. Register today as class sizes will continue to be kept small. Click the links below for each department!

As always feel free to contact us with any questions! From all of us at Illuminate, have a Merry Christmas, Happiest of Holidays, and may your New Year be filled with hope! The world has had quite a year, but we made it. There is hope and light ahead.

For all of us,

Jennifer Keating Roca, Director

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