Enter the Sandbox Studios

Introducing the Sandbox Studios, exclusively under the umbrella of illuminate. In this space, students will be given the opportunity to create original works, using music, film, acting, writing, graphic design – any gift they want to bring to the space. With each workshop, an original piece will be produced using all of these elements! Students will be coached by professionals in their field as they collaborate together to create an original masterpiece.

Our first experiment with this concept was in February, 2020, just a few weeks before everyone went into lockdown due to the arrival of Covid-19. It is almost eery to watch “Volume 1” as the audience now knows that the world was about to change a few weeks later. Yet perhaps spending time on the theme of “unconditional love” was just what was needed to carry us through the coming social distance we would find ourselves in. You can view last year’s Sandbox Studio event here:

Now, a year later, we are bringing the Sandbox back. This year, the theme will be centered on what we have all walked through together: social distancing and quarantining, disrupted connections and glitchy virtual life. How do we connect without connecting?

The vision is for these workshops to become a staple at Illuminate, as students gather together to write, direct, design, and perform original pieces. Be part of this new opportunity – join us for Volume Two!

Click here to join us for our next Sandbox Studio Event on Wed 2/17

We are looking forward to enjoying the masterpieces that shine out into the world from these events!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. With hope – Miss Jen, for all of us

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