The Sun Will Come Out: Registration is now open for our entire year!

Annie-crop2Yep, Finally got it all worked out folks. Registration is now open for “Annie” as well as ALL of our Fall and Spring courses. Register now to reserve your space!

For Annie: If you register before July 1, we will waive the registration fee! That’s $25 off!

Betcha Bottom Dollah: you can’t beat that deal.

Check out our “Classes and Workshops” links for all of the course descriptions. But you know what, if that’s all too confusing for you, just contact us with any question. You can reach us at Facebook, leave a comment here, email us at, or call us at 508-319-WIP1.  We are also on Google Plus and Twitter, but to be honest, we don’t monitor those as closely… I’ll try to get more social over there ASAP 😉

Let Your Light Shine,

Jennifer Roca for the gang

p.s. there’s also still room in our summer workshops… you know you want to Ease on Down the Road with us in June, right????

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