Late fee for fall classes….don’t get caught!

Here at A Work in Progress, FEES of any kind are not something we like to talk about. But as a [soon to be] non-profit company, the budget is tight and we need to be very responsible. That is why we are moving the late fee for the fall classes to Monday, Aug. 25 at midnight. After that, an extra $15 will be tacked on to the registration fee…. this helps the teachers to better prepare and helps us to better manage the company!

So what do we do in our acting and ballet classes for ages 5-10? We use our imaginations and find new ways to be creative. We dance and learn the art of graceful self-control (ballet), We play fun games and silly improvs designed to develop our public speaking skills, confidence, and teamwork mentality (acting). We learn how to encourage one another and we are challenged in new ways.  And in the end, we make some great new friends.

Course descriptions are under the ‘Classes and Workshops’ tab. We keep these classes small so as to have the best teacher:student ratio and so the students can really get to know each other.

Register today to reserve your spot!

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