Meet Wish.

IMG_0158Wish is playing “Sandy” in our production of Annie in 3 weeks! We are so excited about this production. Everything is falling into place behind the scenes- set pieces arrive at the stage next week, the lights are being programmed at the stage, costumes are in their final fittings, headshots are being taken for the Cast Marquee, the program is getting ready to print. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, November 1st!

If you would like to be a part of the program, there is one week left to place an Ad! Here is the Ad Drive Letter with more details, and here is the Ad Drive Form which you can submit. This year, we gave away over $1800 in scholarships and discounts. As a non-profit company, everything goes right back into the classes, shows and workshops for these amazing students.

Back to Wish. She is brought to us by Canine Mastery, Inc. located on Pond Street in Seekonk (right on the Attleboro line). She has won dozens of awards, and she basically won our hearts as soon as we met her! IMG_0196

Snow might be in the forecast, but the Sun is Shining on our Annie Cast. We will see you very soon!

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