Classes Up Close: Digital Film

As part of our series where we take a closer look at all of our exciting course offerings for 2015-2016, this post will focus on another new class starting this fall: Digital Film – The Documentary.

 Living in a digital world, the next generation tends to be very familiar with all things media. However… they don’t always have a proper knowledge of the very equipment they use so frequently.

Rebekah Tracy, our popular “Intro to Film” teacher, is back to teach this specialized class for ages 12-18. Homeschooled through high school, Rebekah graduated with her degree in filmmaking and is now freelancing in film for companies around Massachusetts.

Students will have the opportunity to attend two Master Classes of instruction, learning how to use a camera, how to frame a scene, the basics of lighting, the importance of color, and how to edit all the separate shots into a documentary.

 They will then attend rehearsals for ‘The Wiz’ as their schedule allows, filming live footage to be used in several documentary-style films, and helping to edit the final product. They will be able to participate in our massive MainStage production from a different perspective!

There are two parts to this class:

1. Instructional (at Cardis Furniture): Two Master Classes of intensive instruction- Friday August 21 @10:00-12:00; and Tuesday August 25th from 1:00-3:00.

2. Practical (at Immanuel Lutheran Church): Sept. 3-Nov. 12 on a rotating schedule • 2:30-4:00

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—register before August 15 for our fall classes to avoid a late fee ! 😳

Contact us if you have any questions…we are more than happy to answer them.

Hope you are enjoying the summer!

-Jen for the #Progress family


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