We need your help!

A Work in Progress has been operating as a non-profit from the beginning, though we only became officially non profit this past June. And even though we have been producing large, professional-quality productions from the beginning, we have really been living up to our non-profit name…in that, we have not made a single dime of profit all these years. Yet, we continue to offer many discounts, scholarships, and tuition-assistance programs, all without compromising the quality of our classes, workshops, or productions. Already this fall, we have given away over $3,000 in scholarships and discounts.

So how can we do that, when we have no money??? Well, we have something called the In-Progress Fund. And in truth, we haven’t had much in it this whole time, but we have had enough to keep things afloat. This year, we hope to really turn things around and beef up that Fund so that we aren’t having anxiety attacks over the budget! The In-Progress Fund is the reason why we can keep prices low and offer so many discounts. We need YOUR help so that we can offer even more scholarships, so even more students can take classes in the arts who wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Here are two ways you can support us:

  1. Buy an ad for our program for “The Wiz” (last year’s programs were viewed by over 1,000 people!)

  2. Come jump with us at Launch Trampoline on Friday, October 2 anywhere between 4:00-8:00!

Here’s a video with more information about the Ad Drive (click here if you don’t see it below),

And here’s the flyer for Launch. This flyer is all you need to bring with you to Launch in order for us to get the credit. You can hang out with the cast and crew of The Wiz! Check out our Facebook event page here!


IMG_3417We hope to see you at Launch, and look forward to seeing your ad in our program for The Wiz! Our students thank you too!!!


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