Classes Up Close: Creative & Classical Dance for Alice in Wonderland!

IMG_0907-0.jpgAs part of our continuing blog series focusing on our classes one-by-one, we turn now to some of our favorite classes: Classical Ballet and Creative Dance for ages 4-11. For our Spring session, our little dancers will again be featured in the Junior Production. This time, they will be integrated INTO the show! They will be highlighted in various scenes in “Alice in Wonderland,” bringing music and dance to our production.

Up Close: Creative & Classical Dance for ages 4-11

IMG_0454We have had a fantastic response to our ballet classes offered over the past two years. As a homeschooler who has been teaching homeschooled children for over 7 years, I have seen the need for ballet to be made available during homeschool hours, in an atmosphere that encourages individual growth (just like homeschooling!!). The pressure is off, but the students still learn all of the basics- and then some. The best part? They come away with new friendships and an appreciation for dance, the arts, and the limitless possibilities of the imagination!


Abigail Howard

Offered again this spring: Creative Dance taught by Abigail Howard.

Abigail is known for choreographing pieces that are imaginative and expressive, where students can learn to appreciate a variety of classical music pieces. Using props and costumes in class, Creative Dance can also help students to: gain confidence in their rhythm; coordination & poise; learn cooperation by working together as a group; learn to respect each other’s unique style; learn spontaneity; leadership, and self-control, develop creativity; gain physical strength, flexibility, and stamina; and develop good posture and balance.

Homeschooled her entire life, Abigail began classical ballet at the age of three at Brae Crest School of Ballet in Lincoln, RI.  Several years later she continued her classical ballet training at Heritage Ballet, also in Lincoln, RI. She also has had two years of jazz training. Abigail recently has been trained in salsa, ballroom, acro, tap, and contemporary dance. She now works with Studio One in Lincoln, RI.

To see one of Abigail’s Creative Dances in last year’s Junior Production- click here for a video of our ‘kitty cats!’ (the cats begin after the first dance)

Hannah Bonaguide

Hannah Bonaguide

We are pleased that Hannah Bonaguide will continue this spring teaching our Classical Ballet classes.  A senior in [homeschool] high school, Hannah has been trained classically for 14 years.  She has studied at State Ballet of RI, Heritage Ballet in RI, and currently trains at Brookline Ballet School in MA. Hannah has a wide range of experience as well as instruction in the techniques required of a classical ballerina.

You can read more about Abigail and Hannah on our staff page – there’s lots more there!

The best thing? We decided to make a combination package for these two classes! You get both classes at a discounted rate – and your child gets instruction in both areas of dance. A win-win!!

Go to this page for more information on the classes (location, price, etc etc)!

These classes have already started filling up, and we keep them small so that the instruction can truly be tailored to the students’ needs. Register quickly to reserve your spot.. a late fee of $15 applies after December 1.

As always, reach out to us on any of our social media sites, via email, or by leaving a comment here. We will get back to you promptly, promise.

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