[among other things] Classes up Close: Ballet and Dance History for ages 12-19

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12193435_937037556370505_6327592665630514265_n 022 Our Fall Class Presentation was today, and it was wonderful. We had a nice crowd for our Creative & Classical Dance class presentations, as well as the performances of Maestro Classics’ “Peter and the Wolf” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Thank you to everyone who came to cheer them on! And congratulations to the fabulous performers – AWIP has a solid future based on what we are seeing in our younger classes. Such eager and enthusiastic students!



IMG_1064Speaking of classes: Our spring classes are starting to fill up. In fact, “Alice in Wonderland” is almost closed. Please register NOW to reserve your spot- it is only considered reserved upon receipt of the registration fee! We are thrilled at the response and would hate to close the class this early, but we also never want our classes to get too big or overwhelming.




IMG_0907-0.jpgAnd now on to promoting our next “Classes up Close” feature: Ballet for the OLDER girls!!

Last year, we introduced an older ballet technique class with “The Dance Factory” instructor, Heather Brown. Personally, I (Jen Roca, that is) have wanted to see a class like this offered because I had grown up doing lots of musical theatre, which focused on jazz and tap… but had never had any formal ballet training. When I began to get more serious about my pursuit of the stage and Broadway, I realized that ballet was an important part of the ‘package’ needed. Yet I was intimidated by the dance studios- there weren’t many that offered beginner classes for high schoolers, and so I had to take classes with 5th graders who could dance circles around me! I didn’t feel comfortable in that setting, but I can tell you honestly: my lack of ballet training really hurt me in New York, and I still regret that I didn’t take more classes when I was younger. Ballet helps with posture (mine is terrible!), and proper posture aids in digestion, breath support, blood flow, etc. The grace and discipline taught in these technique classes are also beneficial!

Ok I’m off the soap box. Back to the class!

PointeShoesOur “Ballet Technique” for beginners and intermediate students, ages 12-19, is designed to introduce beginners to proper ballet technique in a relaxed setting, while helping intermediate dancers ‘fine tune’ and learn new things. But this year we are offering more than just a technique class. Heather will also be teaching a dance history/appreciation class. In this lecture/discussion based course, students will learn about the contributions of a few specific people to the development of Ballet and Modern dance. Talking about their lives, watching videos or looking at pictures of their movement, and even trying some of the movement out ourselves.  This will include a general overview of how dance has developed and changed throughout history. Culminating with a discussion about the many different ways a person can contribute to the dance community today.

The older dance classes will also be taking a field trip to see a professional ballet company rehearsing, and possibly another trip to see the performance! So this is definitely more than just another ballet class: it is educational (of course! because we are homeschoolers!).

Heather Brown-Ballet

Heather Brown began her training with Boston Ballet and continued with Ballet Theatre of Boston performing as a member of Youth Works. Through college, she was able to continue her study of ballet with Rockford Dance Company of Illinois and became a part of the Celonia Modern Dance Company of Beloit. At that time, she also started teaching beginner ballet to the mostly modern dance population of Beloit College. She has performed in a broad range of classical and contemporary works including The Nutcracker, Cinderella, and Wreath of Memories. She has been performing with Spindle City Ballet since 2008 and started teaching for The Dance Academy in 2011. In 2013 she decided to rededicate her life to teaching and creating dance. She is currently teaching ballet and modern in several schools in the New England area, including The Dance Factory in Attleboro. Her most recent choreography was prepared for The Dance Academy students to be performed in the Youth America Grand Prix.




All classes are held on Thursdays at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Attleboro, from January to the beginning of April. Classes are $9 per one hour class. If you take both a technique class combined with the dance history class, it comes down to $60/month for two hours of professional training- a fantastic deal! And as always, you can apply lots of discounts and fundraising options towards tuition to take the cost down even more. As a non-profit, we are committed to offering high-quality classes at low costs, and we particularly understand the position homeschoolers are in when it comes down to extra-curriculars. We want to make this work for your family, so talk to us if price is an issue!

All of the class details (times, etc) are on the class page HERE.

Register now as space is very limited!

See you soon,

Jen Roca for the rest of the #progress gang

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