The Wiz: 6 days away

6 days to go and all the pieces of The Wiz are coming together-from sets and costumes to tech, sound, and special effects. This is shaping up to be our most stunning show, with entertaining characters and a heartwarming tale. But it won’t be complete without a great audience cheering them on!

Did you know? “The Wiz” is NOT like the Michael Jackson movie from the 70s (Diana Ross, etc). It is basically “The Wizard of Oz” modernized. Same Dorothy following the Yellow Brick Road on her way to Oz… and then for extra fun, we brought it into 2015. Our show is complete with amazing lighting effects, tech effects, a great new sound system, and sets flying every which way. We spare no expense in the details of the costumes, props, make up, hair, and overall design. Oh and the cast is amazing. So…. you should go. Clicking on ‘going’ here does not reserve you a seat! Go to “Now Playing” to reserve your seats. #believeinhome with us – you will be glad you did!
P.s. School groups (including co-ops and others) get 20% off with 15 or more! Contact us for more information.

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