Classes Up Close: Spring Sew!


We have just two more “Classes Up Close” posts left. This one is focusing on our Spring Sewing classes, and the next will be focused on our Fundamentals of Drawing classes  – both of which have been added later in the season, by request! Classes are filling up and many will be closed soon- register now to reserve your spot!


“Create It” classes with A Work in Progress are for those students who consider themselves very hands-on. Our sewing classes, below, are being added this spring by popular demand. Many have watched in awe as our costume department has designed and created the costumes for our productions over the years. Now, students can learn for themselves, and create their own unique piece under the guidance of Pam Macbeth (read more about Pam here).

All classes, below, will meet at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Attleboro.

Spring Sew: For beginners* and intermediates Ages 11+

7442-MMS-1446085813636-attachment1-1802757921Intermediate level seamstresses are invited to select their own project from a generous list of projects/patterns. Class time will be used to create from start to finish with instruction. All supplies, pattern, and fabric need to be purchased prior to class starting.  Each student needs their own machine. Sewing at home required. List of patterns available on request from instructor.

When: Tuesdays • Jan. 5 – Mar. 1 • 1:00-2:30

Cost: Registration fee of $20; Supply fee of $5; Tuition of $80 ($40/month – $10 per 90-minute class)*

Spring Spotlight Stitchers (Ages 14+)7441-MMS-1446085796200-attachment1-1002699015

Spotlight stitchers are costume intern positions created to incorporate independent seamstresses into roles within the costume department of the Junior Production “Alice in Wonderland.”

Positions available:

  • Ensemble stitcher – designing and constructing a group of costumes that are the same.
  • Lead stitcher – designing and constructing a costume for a specific lead character.
  • Costume Coordinator – organizing and cataloguing costumes for entire cast as well as participation in backstage management.

When:  Independent study under tutor supervision; checkpoints on Thursdays as that is rehearsal day with cast. Instructor provides 1 hour independent instruction each week.

Cost: Registration fee of $20; Supply fee of $5; Tuition of $64 ($32/month – $8/hour of instruction)*7440-MMS-1446085785530-attachment1-1080725130

Contact us if you aren’t sure where to place your child

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