Curtain Closing on #poppinsinprogress

As the director/choreographer of Mary Poppins, I am finding myself speechless today, the day after the show closed. I have directed/choreographed productions for over 23 years, and never have I encountered a cast as professional and a team so dedicated to excellence. And although the show was a spectacular production as far as the costumes, lights, sound, and special effects… it’s really the KIDS that we are pouring into over the 12 weeks that we rehearse.  Yes, you heard that right. This cast, ages 11-18, only rehearsed for 12 weeks… once a week! And look at what they achieved! If you want to see more pictures and video, check out our Facebook page or YouTube!

And to all who cheered us on and supported this amazing community, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May your holiday season be full of joy and peace, even in these uncertain times. May you reach for the stars and let go of the things that weigh you down. And may you always remember that #anythingcanhappen if you let it.

With love,

Jen Roca for all of AWIP


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