Classes Up Close: Photography and Sewing

Today’s post has two classes together that aren’t exactly related, but they are a good example of the wide range of fine arts classes we offer. There is something for everyone at A Work in Progress, in an atmosphere that encourages beginners while challenging those with experience. These classes are the perfect way to ‘try something out’ without feeling like you are committing tons of time and money beforehand. And our teachers? Total professionals.



We have had many inquiries into our sewing classes, which were posted later than the others. Our favorite Costumer, Pam Macbeth, is offering FOUR options starting in January. Class sizes will be extremely limited, so register now to reserve your spot. Raised in the midwest, Pam Macbeth learned to sew under the loving instruction of her grandmother Nina, who made clothing from feed sacks and newspaper patterns. Pam began her theater and sewing experience in high school by making her own costume for Guys and Dolls. As a homeschool mother of five delightful daughters, creations continued to be stitched from smocked baby clothing, matching holiday dresses, quilts, Civil War reenacting garments, costumes for play and home dec items. She continues to pass on the love of sewing and creating through mentoring, charity sewing workshops and teaching. Two daughters have pursued professional opportunities in the sewing field but all have been involved in various aspects of performing arts from orchestras to the stage. “Alice in Wonderland” was Pam’s first costume department theatrical experience with Jen Roca and it was the perfect marriage of the love of creating and the stage. “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Annie” followed as well as numerous smaller children’s productions. Pam looks forward to imparting the excitement to the next generation of creative stitchers and has added sewing opportunities to the table at A Work in Progress this year!


Needle n’ Thread (ages 8+)

Beginner hand stitching class for those interested in learning to sew. We will use just a needle and thread! Basic projects to create and take home. Class organized to instruct a new seamstress and familiarize them with sewing supplies, basic stitches and step by step instructions.

  • Thursdays, Jan. 12-Mar. 9 @12:30-2:00 • Ages 8+

Machine Beginner (ages 12+)7440-MMS-1446085785530-attachment1-1080725130

Fundamentals of sewing machine basics to familiarize a new seamstress with operation, basic tools needed for sewing as well as pattern language and construction. Student will make a pillowcase and additional take home projects. Must provide own working machine and basic supplies.

  • Thursdays, Jan. 12-Mar. 9 @2:00-3:30 • Ages 12+

Dream, Design, and Do (ages 12+)

Intermediate to advanced sewing skills required as well as working knowledge of machine, fundamentals of patterns terms and sewing language. Prior project selection and skill approved prior to class beginning. Select the pattern you have always wanted to make and step by step creation will occur during class time.

  • Thursdays, Mar. 16-May 11 @12:30-2:00 • Ages 12+

Mother Daughter Quilting (speak with instructor if under 12)

7441-MMS-1446085796200-attachment1-1002699015Moms and Daughters work side by side to create a basic cotton lap quilt.One machine required. Extensive supply and materials list provided and required for first class. Minimal skill needed by both.

  • Thursdays, Mar. 16-May 11 @2:00-3:30 • Ages 12+



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Photography 101: Learning How to Shoot in Manual


Shawon Davis Photography

We are very pleased to continue offering courses in photography. Shawon Davis is a seasoned, professional photographer and eager to introduce students to the art of photography. She is the owner and principal photographer of Shawon Davis Photography. Her work has been featured in MunaLuchi Bride Magazine, and on editorial wedding websites. As a photographer, she is a member of the Professional Photography Association, and she is a Certified Professional Photographer. Read more about Shawon here.

In this class, students will learn how to use a digital camera in manual exposure mode. Learning how to use a camera in manual mode is the first step in creating the images that you envision as an artist. We will cover all of the basics of how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO work together to create an exposure. Each week students will progress through the exposure triangle, complete weekly assignments, receive feedback on their images, and learn how to see as an artist. At the end of the class, students will have a beautiful portfolio of the images that they make.

  • Tuesdays, January 10 – March 7 (8 weeks)* 11:00-12:30 • Ages 12+


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