A Day in the Life of AWIP…

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The halls of AWIP have been bustling. In our second week of classes, we have welcomed 100 students and their families, re-arranging the Waiting Room so that we can watch old MainStage productions together while dance, writing, art, photography, acting, and music classes fill the classrooms down the hall.  Our Stagehand classes are gearing up, production meetings scheduled for the Junior Production, and plans already being made for next year. I sit back in awe at how much we have grown in four short years, especially when watching this video (above), made by our incoming Media Intern, completely written, produced, and edited on his own.




Tomorrow, we hold the first of several Digital Media Workshops. Chad Bowditch will be teaching a workshop in filmmaking from 2-4 pm and there’s still room. Click here for more information and to register!


We are so grateful to all of our friends and family for their ongoing support!


Happy Birthday to AWIP (four years old in January!),


Jen Roca, for all of us here.

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