Behind-The-Scenes: Opportunities to Set the Stage

At A Work in Progress, we know that there’s so much more to a production than what the audience sees on the stage. The cast rehearses for weeks, of course, and they are the ones in the spotlight telling the story… but they wouldn’t be able to do it if it weren’t for the efforts of those behind the scenes. AWIP loves to give students the opportunity to explore all areas of the arts, and that definitely includes everything you can think of backstage. From  training in light design, special effects, and sound to designing and building set pieces, props, and more. This year, we are offering several options for students to get their backstage game on, and we’ve included Sewing and Costuming into the mix!

The Behind-The-Scenes Class

Students in this course will learn the ins and outs of building the sets and props for a musical production (in this case, they are working on the MainStage Production of “White Christmas”). The first few weeks of the course will be dedicated solely to research and design. The students will learn how to gather information to design a safe, historically accurate design that shares the director’s concept for the show. Next, the students will break up into groups depending on their interest and will work for the next few weeks either actually constructing the set pieces or working on more detailed prop making. Finally, the two teams will join together to put the finishing touches on the set pieces and will assemble all of the pieces on the stage. This course is a good choice for both creative students looking for new ways to use their artistic skills as well as students who are looking for more hands-on set construction experience.  Led by Melissa and Jason Lamb, Dave and Jen Wilson (bios here)


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Sewing Scene

A costume intern working on a project.


Be a part of AWIP’s Costume Crew and Stitch Shop. You will be a part of historical research, design, alterations, embellishment, lay-out and cut-out, machine and hand sewing to create costumes for “White Christmas.” Beginning level sewing experience required as well as having own machine (preferred). Some Saturdays optional for shopping trips. Led by Pam Macbeth.




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TIP CREW: Tech-in-Progress

The tech crew is what changes a play into a performance. Come and learn the basics of lighting, sound, lighting, and fly system. Three training/work days will allow students to experience all aspects of technical theatre. During the performance, students will get choose which crew they would like to work on, including backstage crew, sound, light design, running the fly system, and more.  Led by Melissa + Jason Lamb.

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As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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