Only 4 weeks left for our Annual Ad Drive Campaign!

Most of you already know this, but AWIP is a nonprofit company. Which means that we give back any profit made. Five years ago, I wasn’t sure where it was headed or what it would become, but now it is a large, thriving community of students ages 4-18, who are eagerly participating in classes in all areas of the arts, from art to film to dance to music to fully staged productions. We even have creative writing and poetry, photography and more.

The Tolman Theatre

We became a nonprofit a few years ago, with our mission to keep the arts affordable for the homeschooling families as well as offering free Performance Arts Outreaches to our communities through our amazing improv/song group, Salt+Light. Salt+Light goes into schools, community centers, food pantries, and more, to serve them and to do ‘gigs’ filled with music and improv, weaving a redemptive theme throughout. On top of all of that, we are renovating the gorgeous Tolman Theatre at our own expense. This is benefiting Tolman High School and the city of Pawtucket! We cannot do ANY of this without support. This is our 5th MainStage production, and we pull out all the stops – our students and audiences are treated to a professional-caliber production at a fraction of the cost. Imagine if we had our own building that we could offer to other homeschooling groups! But none of this is possible without support, and the Ad Drive is our biggest fundraising push every year.


So what exactly is the Ad Drive? You can place an ad, or a ‘shout out’ in the program, or simply give a donation (and be listed as a donor in the program). Our programs reach over 1,000 audience members in addition to the hundred plus students/families we serve.

Click here for more information and to participate! And thank you for your support!

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