May: the end of #awipyearfive

As May has begun and we turn our attention to the upcoming year, we want to pause before charging ahead. We want to not only reflect on all that we have accomplished, but the people who have served us so faithfully to help us become who we are today. We will be spending the next couple of blog posts honoring them as we pave the way to The Progress Show on May 19.


Laura Jenkins

Laura Jenkins photographed by Mason Pimental (’17)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the departure of our beloved musical director and chorus instructor, Laura Jenkins. Laura has been given increasing opportunities and responsibilities at Barrington Christian School, and because of that, realized she needed to take a step down from her positions with us at AWIP. She writes, “I am incredibly thankful for the time I have had to work alongside you [at AWIP]…. I have really struggled to make this decision; it is very difficult for me to lay down this post as I get such great enjoyment from the work, as well as the inherent artistic satisfaction that comes with the job of creating theatre and music…. Thank you for your kind, generous, and encouraging spirit, and for the great work you are doing in the homeschool as well as the general community. I have been changed and inspired working alongside you [AWIP] and I hope our paths cross in the future ”

I think those of us that have worked with her will agree that we have all been changed and inspired by working alongside such a brilliant talent as herself! Laura helped establish The High Notes Chorus Classes, which have become a staple here at AWIP and a favorite among families and audiences. She went above and beyond her contractural duties to painstakingly record individual harmonies and notes for our students in the MainStage productions of “The Wiz,” “Mary Poppins,” and “White Christmas.” She took entire choruses, who were unable to hold melody lines confidently during week one, and somehow managed to teach them three- and four-part harmonies by week 12. But beyond all of that, she was always so encouraging, joy-filled, and patient as she juggled changing rehearsal schedules, 30+ students who were usually worn out from their last choreography rehearsal, and the pressures of only rehearsing once per week for productions that rival professional theatre standards.


Laura Jenkins teaching the Mary Poppins chorus

Laura, we have been so blessed by your enthusiasm over the past three years! We know you are going to excel at the positions being offered you in Barrington, and we will be there to cheer you on. Thank you for all that you gave to this little homeschool theatre company.


For any families or students who would like to reach out to Laura, feel free to fill out this contact form below. And if you happen to know of anyone who might be interested in applying for our Musical Director position, you can also fill out this contact form and let us know of your interest or recommendation.


We hope to see you at The Progress Show on May 19 – where we will celebrate #awipyearfive in style!

till then, #learngrowshine,

Jennifer Roca, for all of us here at AWIP


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