Time to Seize the Day! (no really – register quick!)

Newsies is expected to fill within a week! Register now!

Registrations are live for 2018-2019 using our newly instated Registration system! For returning families, registrations will be so much easier. Everyone will be asked to register ONCE, and then for as long as you remain with AWIP, all you have to do after that is enroll in classes (without having to re-register and sign all the waivers again!). All of your information will be in one place, and it will be easy for you to see what you have registered for when you forget down the line 🙂 It’s ok, we have all been there!

It is amazing to me that we have gone from offering two classes in 2013 to offering 50 classes 6 years later!! 50 classes! Taught by some of the best in the business – instructors who are professionals in their fields, passionate about their work, and engaging educators. Our environment aims to be warm and encouraging, as students try something new or work to challenge themselves in areas they are confident in. There is literally something for everyone!


Click on ‘Classes’ to see everything in one place, or check out each individual department:

Want to get performing NOW? Our Summer workshops are still accepting registrations! Click here for more info!


Interested in our Performance Outreach Team, Salt+Light? Click here to learn more about them and to apply for consideration on next year’s team!



As always, contact us if you have any questions! 


Jennifer Roca, for all of us at AWIP

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