Spotlight on: Internships and Student Leadership

Superhero Summer Camp

Last week was busy for AWIP! We had our 4-day Summer Workshop for ages 6-12, where 17 energetic, talented students put on an entire show called “Superhero Summer Camp!” In this exciting workshop, students played superheroes and villains, who were sent to a one-week camp designed to teach them how humans do things — without their superpowers! They found, through working together as a team, that humans possess superpowers too: kindness, compassion, and faith among others. And the cast? They showed us a couple superpowers as well. Their ability to learn acting, singing, and dancing skills to perform an original production was nothing short of amazing.

Not only that – This creative story was written by AWIP Junior, Hannah Macomber, as part of our internship program.

Salt+Light interviews 2018

We also held interviews for our 5th Salt+Light Team, which consists of teenagers working together to bring messages of hope and redemption to our communities through music, creative sketches, and service projects.

At the core of A Work in Progress is our internship and Student Leadership programs. Since Miss Jen began teaching and directing when she was 15, she knows that students possess the ability to become leaders in fields where they have unique gifts and talents. Each department in AWIP is designed to encourage student leadership, whether in costuming, media, dance, or music (to name a few!).

We asked some of our families to tell you about their experience in their own words, and here we have one mom explaining how the student-leadership initiatives at AWIP have benefited her teenagers…

My kids got involved with AWIP a few years ago as teenagers.  The first thing they both said about the group was that they were so welcoming.  They quickly became a part of the AWIP community.  The Mainstage production and rehearsals created life long friends.  My favorite part about AWIP is that they encourage the kids to get involved in all aspects of the group with internships.  Jen and staff are so awesome about finding out what the kids like and really work towards encouraging that.  My daughter has been a costume intern and made to feel very important in this role.  Jen took my son under her wing when she learned about his love of photography and video production.  Now, as Media Director, this position has also helped him realize the aspects of it that he loves as well as what he doesn’t love about it, which helps him in making future career decisions. AWIP relies heavily on parent volunteers, and I have also enjoyed making new friends in this way and that I get to be a part of something that is so important to my kids.   So we are grateful for AWIP for becoming a big part of our family!

This week we will start our Spotlight series focusing on the classes taught by our student teachers, who are supported by our excellent staff. Students in these classes have a great time while being challenged and encouraged. Stay tuned for detailed information about these classes, which will be kept small, so register now!



Till then, #learngrowshine,

Jen Roca for all of us at AWIP

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