Don’t miss Ty from Knighthorse!

A Work in Progress presents

Much Ado About Shakespeare:
A Master Class with The Knighthorse Theatre Company

Sat. Oct. 5, 10-noon
@Cardi’s Furniture in South Attleboro
$2 per person

All ages welcome!

[from their website]
Knighthorse is imaginative, innovative and inspiring theatre, combining limitless energy and infectious enthusiasm with humor, passion, precision and professionalism.  We have been traveling the world for the past eight years opening eyes to the magic and mastery of Shakespeare’s language. Knightorse is accessible theatre, appropriate for kids of all ages. It makes no difference if you have a lot of experience or none at all; we have a program that is right for you. We have not only inspired senior citizens but connected with kids as young as six. Everything we do is done in the hope of showing our audience, regardless of age, that Shakespeare can indeed be FUN!

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