Tickets are on sale now!!

Ok…here goes nothing! Please visit the “Now Playing” link to see a drop-down menu for purchasing tickets for either Friday or Saturday night. The system uses PayPal, and the instructions are right there on the page. It’s pretty easy… we have tested it and have found that it works well! We covet your prayers though, as this sort of thing is new for us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you experience any glitches.

The main thing is: The show is upon us! We are 3 weeks away and can’t wait. Rehearsals have been very busy. There’s plenty of room at this theatre so spread the word….you’re sure to have a nice night out and leave with your toes tapping.

Have a great weekend!

Oh…. and you might want to check out the SITR Trailer here on YouTube…. Just a little sneak peek!

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