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Where you can help us create showstopper moments, and opportunities for students to shine!

Illuminate Creative+Theatrical Arts Co was established in 2013 (as A Work in Progress Productions) with the goal of creating family-friendly, affordable, professional-quality theatre arts for all ages. Offering high quality programs at low costs and giving away thousands of dollars in scholarships each year isn’t possible without the In-Progress Fund.

Your Donation ensures that Illuminate not only makes it through the pandemic… but allows us to build for the future. Thank you for your support!

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Hugs+High Fives: A Journey spanning 6 years at AWIP

Did you know?

  • Illuminate gives away over $3,000 in scholarships and discounts each year
  • We aim to keep prices low so that homeschooling families don’t have to cut the arts out of their curriculum
  • We have an outreach group that brings FREE performance art to our surrounding communities (schools, churches, community centers, nursing homes, and more)
  • We’ve been fixing up the Tolman Stage on our own, providing a clean, safe stage for the Tolman students as well as our families.
  • And so much more to come!

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