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A Note from Miss Jen >>

This is it guys! Our last week at Centenary. Our last rehearsal! You guys did great last week adjusting to BB King’s arrival AND recording. This week, there will be additional things to adjust to so here goes:

  • BB King will be back
  • Cole Paul will be on hand with his camera, practicing the close up shots
  • We are adding more set pieces and practicing scene changes 
  • We are adding some costume pieces (more on that below)
  • WE ARE RECORDING PER THE RECORDING SCHEDULE – Emerald cast please expect to stay till 7
  • Your scene breakdown  must be completed before Thursday!
  • It’s RUBY RED AND EMERALD GREEN DAY and yes, you can wear either color 🙂
  • Girls: Please come to rehearsal with your hair pulled back like the tutorial videos (scroll down to see!)
  • RUBY CAST should prepare to stay till 2pm to get a full run thru in before next week.

Yep that’s alot! But you guys can do this. Today, I talked with a reporter from the Sun Chronicle and told her how, even though this show is smaller in scale compared to past productions, it feels bigger: The weight of responsibility on our shoulders as we carefully walk through a production and a pandemic, the social distancing regulations, everything NEW at every turn. But this cast and crew has excelled at finding connection despite the distance. I told her there is a hopefulness that I feel as we near the finish line: if we can do this… dropping all polarizing debates and disagreements to work together on one unified goal… then maybe we can get through anything. People in general, that is. I don’t know. I tend to be hopeful 🙂 You guys inspire me, and give me hope. 

We need your best ALL IN EFFORTS to get to the finish line for the In Progress Fund (see below) and PLEASE read the recording notes below as well to be better prepared for the recording (so we don’t go over!)

Run Toto Run!

Miss Jen (for all of us) 


From Miss Michelle:

From Miss Jen:

Basically…REHEARSE AT HOME. The show needs to “tighten up” which means we need to say the lines more quickly but still have the same diction and projection. In both the Emerald and Ruby casts, there seems to be confusion about who is partnered with who in Munchkinland. We can’t have this! Emerald cast – this has to do with Blayze joining last week. Blayze, can you stay center as the Mayor and dance on your own, almost like having your own party? When munchkins bring the flowers to Dorothy, you can take more time- there’s plenty of music. Skip to her, give her a greeting, bow or curtsy or otherwise do something cute when you give it to her! Dorothy: cut the “Toto that’s not polite” line from the caravan scene please! Just in case it doesn’t happen.  That was it because the rest of my notes were about tech things. 

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Presented by Our Corporate Sponsor

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Last call for shoutouts, donations, and ads! We will be closing the playbill drive this weekend so if you have anything to submit please do so by the weekend. 

We have surpassed the $8,000 mark – which is fantastic!!! We have 6 more days to hit our goal. Ask your music studios, dance studios, homeschool co-ops. So many of them would be glad to support you! Copy and paste the text we have written up for you in the files below. Parents, ask your workplaces and friends. Today the Sun Chronicle reporter told me that what we are doing is life-changing and life-giving. Providing this opportunity for these kids during this uncertain season is truly making history, and making an impact in their lives that they will remember forever.If you have received an ad placement in previous years perhaps you could reach out to that business to see if they would place an ad again? A few ads could potentially bring us to our goal, or beyond!

Costuming Oz >>

A Note from Stephanie LaFond:

This link provides the full costume breakdown for all cast members. There are a LOT of different costume changes for the ensemble this year.


THIS WEEK: We will “practice” costume changes without the actual costumes so as to keep them safe. Steph will bring in a few headpieces/hats (like the trees) to practice with. Otherwise we are asking for you to do two things:

  1. Bring in LAYERS of clothes: vests, jackets, hoodies, hats, etc. We need you to practice changing into SOMETHING between scenes when you have to change. 
  2. We are asking that everyone bring in a laundry basket next week to keep costumes in, so that everyone has their own “space” to put things. Any laundry basket will do! Put your name on it (this is for MONDAY)

Any costume comments/concerns can be directed to Stephanie LaFond at

Recording Oz >>

Click here for all the information regarding extended rehearsals for recording.

Last week’s recordings ran over and we apologize for that! As you know, we have never attempted something like this before… but the recordings are pretty spectacular so far! Cast Album worthy. Really. This week the ensemble will record their parts (10:00 for Ruby; 5:00-7:00 for Emerald – please note the extended time so that they can grab a bite to eat and rest after rehearsal/before recording). In order to help the recordings run more smoothly, you MUST know your songs and lyrics! Bring your scripts. Practice singing to the song files we have given you, those are the exact files we are using! You should come prepared. Some did not know their songs or lyrics last week and that was some of what contributed to the delay. Thanks.

 Oz Docs >>

  • Click here for the “Files of Oz” which contains Oz Tunes, Oz Choreography, and all the other files in one place! The dance files will now be in this folder and *not* on youtube!
  • We now have FUNDRAISING LETTERS located in the Files Of Oz – you can copy and paste or download to send to friends, family, and places you do business with.

Volunteers Needed >>

  • We need some Party Planners to take up the task of a Socially Distant Cast Party, possible Premiere event, and more! Email Kerryanne Cummins is cooking up some great ideas to celebrate these casts but needs a few more hands!
  • Ticketing and Playbill Design: If you are interested in assisting in this area, please email Marion Cappadona at

Admin Updates >>>

  1. SAVE OUR NEW NUMBER to your contacts! This number is a Google Voice Number that will reach Miss Jen and other administrators. Please use this to text or call if you are going to be absent, late, or anything else that is urgent on the day of rehearsals. The number is…  (401) 288-1865

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Covid details and policies >>

 This document explains how we are approaching Mainstage rehearsals. 

Make Up AND HAIR of Oz >>

New families: If you don’t have the basic makeup kit, you will need to purchase an individual mini kit. 

Oz Dates >>

Click Here for the Illuminate Calendar

  • Thursday, October 22 + 29: Recording Schedule in effect!
  • Schedule for Livestream Week: Click here for the tech week schedule!
    • Monday, November 2 – Rehearsal at the location – McVinney Auditorium
      • PLEASE BRING your base costumes, labeled laundry basket, water bottles, snacks if needed and come with your hair and makeup done.
    • Thursday, November 5 – Dress rehearsal – McVinney Auditorium
    • Friday, November 6 – Ruby Cast performances – McVinney Auditorium
    • Saturday, November 7 – Emerald Cast performances – McVinney Auditorium
  • Thursday, December 3 @12-4: The Savers FUNDRIVE- Save your Savers things! We will be participating in a Savers fundraiser in December – for every pound of clothing/fabric/donations given, they will give the company a percentage! More info on our Facebook page.
    • Tickets go on sale November 15. Ticket information coming soon!

Business Corner >>

From Steph: As I am wearing a few hats at the moment, final payments have not posted but all discounts should be in your accounts. Please do me a favor and go into your accounts ASAP and make sure you are paid in full. I will post final payments on November 1st for those families that still have a balance. Please contact me if this is a problem or if you have any questions.

  • If you have any questions regarding CHARGES or BILLING, you can email (Steph)
  • If you have questions regarding enrolling in classes, changing classes, etc – email (Katherine and Jen)

The people behind the curtain >>

Links to Learn-Grow-Shine >>>

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