Spring Play: Scenes from the Greats

A simple presentation offers students the chance to explore classic material without the pressure of a fully staged production. Without the distraction that extravagant sets, costumes, and choreography often brings, students can focus on diving into the complex characters presented in the text, work through scenes to gain a better understanding of the characters’ motivations, and try something new. It also gives beginning actors a chance to have a lead role, while experienced actors have the opportunity to tackle well-known works to add to their repertoire. In this class, we not only create and craft, we become like a family as we grow in confidence, theatre terminology knowledge, classic literature appreciation and stage presence. Taught by Nicole Cannella.

This year the class will perform scenes from classic pieces of theatre in a contemplative and heartwarming evening of scenes. The class will work on scenes from Barefoot in the Park, Odd Couple, The Importance of Being Earnest, Cyrano, and more! The presentation will be performed in a local theatre and livestreamed for our audience to enjoy. Performance dates TBD.

Pandemic Note: Last semester we were pleasantly surprised with how well the students and staff were able to maintain CDC guidelines and state regulations in order to provide the opportunity for students to take classes, create, collaborate, and shine. Click here to read a summary of our policies, which will likely be revised as classes start back up. We will continue to monitor the guidelines and adjust as we are able to!

Tuition policies for 2020-2021: Tuition is $5 per half hour (so most classes are $10/hour). You will be billed monthly for each month of classes held. Additional fees for class materials are listed on the class pages (and in their descriptions). Normally, we do not offer refunds after the first two weeks of classes, but because we are in a pandemic, we will be offering refunds for any classes missed due to covid (but not for classes that met successfully or have a livestream option). Our full tuition policies are on our registration site.

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Performance information TBD


  1. Hi what day or days is the perforance scheduled for?

  2. Friday, March 8 @7pm: THE SECRET GARDEN performance @the Centenary United Methodist Church in Attleboro

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