From Periwinkle to Picasso: Art for ages 6-12

Picasso Junior (ages 6-8)

This semester we will be focusing on the foundations of painting while using watercolors and acrylics. Materials will be provided by the company (fee is included in tuition). Students will gain an appreciation of art while building a foundation for becoming an artist. This class is still being offered in person currently, but online options are available below. Taught by Luke Smith.

Picassos: Paint with the Masters! Online course for ages 8-18

Join Miss Sandy for 10 weeks of painting in the style of 10 amazing fine artists! We will dabble in expressionism by Kandinsky, explore impressionism with Monet, create our own van Gogh Starry Nights and sample pointillism with Seurat! Our journey will span cubism, pop art, and art nouveau along the way! This class is ONLINE only. Taught by Sandy Churchill.

Supplies Needed for “Paint with the Masters”

  • 11 x 14 canvas board or 3-D canvas or heavy watercolor paper each week
  • Flat half inch paintbrush
  • Medium round paintbrush 
  • Small detail brush (pointy tip)
  • Bristle brush 
  • Water cup (recycled yogurt cups work well)
  • Palette or plastic tray or styrofoam plate for mixing paint each week
  • Paper towel for blotting paint
  • Acrylic paints in red, yellow and blue primary colors plus white and black at a minimum
  • Helpful to also have green, orange, purple, pink and aqua

These paints can be Folk Art or Apple Barrel or Americana or other brands sold inexpensively in bottles at Walmart, AC Moore, Michael’s and Amazon and in larger tubes at Ocean State Job Lot.

Picassos: Charcoal Art for ages 8-12 and 12-18

Calling all drawing enthusiasts! Join Miss Sandy for an adventure in drawing with charcoal pencils and unreadable erasers! We will experiment with line, shape, and shading to create cartoon animals, dramatic eyes, and spectacular strawberries! Learn how to bring adorable pandas, sweet baby owls, and lively elephants to life on the page! Master the tips of drawing Garfield the cat, Charlie Brown, and impish Minions too! This class is ONLINE only. Taught by Sandy Churchill.

Supplies Needed for “Charcoal Art”

  • 11 × 14 or similar size sketchbook (spiral bound preferred)
  • Set of charcoal drawing pencils colin soft, medium and hard
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Damp paper towel or baby wipe each week
  • Optional charcoal fixative spray to protect drawings from smudging

Pandemic Note: Last semester we were pleasantly surprised with how well the students and staff were able to maintain CDC guidelines and state regulations in order to provide the opportunity for students to take classes, create, collaborate, and shine. Click here to read a summary of our policies, which will likely be revised as classes start back up. We will continue to monitor the guidelines and adjust as we are able to!

Tuition policies for 2020-2021: Tuition is $5 per half hour (so most classes are $10/hour). You will be billed monthly for each month of classes held. Additional fees for class materials are listed on the class pages (and in their descriptions). Normally, we do not offer refunds after the first two weeks of classes, but because we are in a pandemic, we will be offering refunds for any classes missed due to covid (but not for classes that met successfully or have a livestream option). Our full tuition policies are on our registration site.

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