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Our Dance Department is where students can learn the discipline of dance in a relaxed, encouraging, and motivating environment, at their own pace. Your beginner student will feel welcomed, and your intermediate or advanced student will be challenged.  Most importantly, students will learn to love all kinds of dance!

Dance Department Offerings for 2020-2021

Pandemic Note: Last semester we were pleasantly surprised with how well the students and staff were able to maintain CDC guidelines and state regulations in order to provide the opportunity for students to take classes, create, collaborate, and shine. Click here to read a summary of our policies, which will likely be revised as classes start back up. We will continue to monitor the guidelines and adjust as we are able to!

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Dance Department Internships

We are now looking for interns to assist in our dance classes and possibly work up to student teaching in the years to come. If you are interested, click here to learn more and apply!

Creative Dance (ages 4-12)

Our Creative Dance classes will encourage children to have fun, be confident, and use their imaginations while learning jazz and musical theatre dance. Students will build on their flexibility, balance, strength, and memorization skills. They will also be taught a dance which will be performed at the end of the session (in the fall), and will be a part of the Junior Production in the spring. Taught by Michelle McWilliams and Student Teachers.

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Classical Ballet (ages 4-12)

Students in Classical Ballet classes will learn alignment fundamentals and ballet basics. In a nurturing and fun environment, students will work on technique, physical awareness and discipline. This training will impact them for years to come as they learn self-control, poise, and grow in strength.  They will also be taught a dance which will be performed at the end of the session (in the fall), and will be a part of the Junior Production in the spring. Taught by Meghan Lamb.

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Hip Hop for ages 6-18

The video above features our first Hip Hop class. Many of these students had never done anything like this before, but Miss Michelle makes hip hop FUN! In this dance class, the emphasis is on high energy and intensity movements and isolations. Students will learn combinations set to engaging, upbeat, and uplifting music. Students individuality is greatly encouraged. Students should wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement, with non-marking sole sneakers. A yoga mat or towel is optional, but may be beneficial for the warm up portion of class. Taught by Michelle McWilliams.

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Musical Theatre Dance

Musical Theatre Dance for ages 12-18

In Musical Theatre Dance, students will be introduced to basic jazz dance technique, such as isolations, pirouettes, leaps, and kicks. They’ll learn to take these movements and add character and style that is reminiscent of Broadway Musicals. Taught by Michelle McWilliams.

Students should wear comfortable clothing that they can move freely in. Jazz shoes are recommended, but not mandatory. If you choose to use jazz shoes here is the style that is recommended: Capezio Adult “E-Series” Slip-On Jazz Shoes (EJ2)

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