Music Department

When learning an instrument, it is emphasized how important it is to practice. Learning how to properly play the instrument is pivotal to success. However, oftentimes performing artists neglect to see their voice as an instrument, with the need to practice and to learn how to use it properly. Our Music Department offers many ways for students to explore their vocal instruments in an encouraging atmosphere for all experience levels. And new for Year Eight: music theory!

Music Department 2020-2021

We are excited to announce that all of our Singing Classes will now be held in a special session, April 15-May 20. There will now be a SPRING OUTDOOR CONCERT featuring all of our choirs together on Thursday, May 20. More info TBA!

Pandemic Note: Last semester we were pleasantly surprised with how well the students and staff were able to maintain CDC guidelines and state regulations in order to provide the opportunity for students to take classes, create, collaborate, and shine. Click here to read a summary of our policies, which will likely be revised as classes start back up. We will continue to monitor the guidelines and adjust as we are able to!

NEW: Livestream Options are available for all classes! If you prefer to stay home, you can still take classes remotely by registering for the livestream-only option. Livestream classes will have a 10% discount applied! Please note that this is *not* a hybrid plan. Students are choosing to either attend in person or attend virtually. Those students who sign up for the livestream option will not be expected at the building.

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Music Dept. Internships Available!

For more information on our internships, including how to apply and how credit is rewarded, click here.

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