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Newsies as performed on November 16+17, 2018 at the Tolman Stage in Pawtucket, RI.

AWIP is in the beginning stages of renting out our beautiful sets, props, and costumes to local theatre companies at reasonable prices. If you are visiting this page, please know that we are in a ‘trial mode’ for renting out our shows, offering items from “Newsies” to a handful of organizations. We will be grateful for your feedback on the process from start to finish!

Policies and Fine Print

  • All renters must sign and agree to the terms on our waiver and liability forms. Renters will pay for and/or replace any lost or damaged items, and will not hold AWIP liable for any incident involving these items while in the Renter’s possession.
  • Renters will be responsible for the transportation of items to and from their performance location.
  • We offer individual pricing if the renter is only interested in a few items; however, our complete packages offer the best deal. We require a deposit on all items rented and will retain a percentage of that deposit for cleaning and restocking purposes.
  • Our tech director and/or set builder may be available to assist you with assembling the set pieces for an additional fee to be agreed upon separately.
  • Please fill out this form to request rental items or contact us if you have any questions.
  • AWIP reserves the right to withhold any items from a package if they are in use.

Available Shows: Newsies

Coming Soon for Rental: Annie, Mary Poppins, Singin’ in the Rain, White Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Our 6th Mainstage production was our biggest one yet, and we always pull out all the stops for these talented kids. Below are pictures of a few items  available for rental. We will add more pictures and descriptions soon. Dimensions are still being determined.  The full listing is located here with prices and packages.

If you are interested in renting from us, please fill out this form.

“World” Gates

 Gates are on wheels and easy to move; while able to stand on their own. Newsies are able to be seen through the gates.

Dimensions: TBD

Medda’s Theatre painted backdrops

Two flats painted as Medda’s “backdrop” that is referenced to in Act One.

Dimensions: Two 4′ x 8′ canvas flats

Newsie Cart

Easy to move using wheelbarrow handles, the cart is sturdy enough to hold 3 adults. We placed bundles of newspaper inside and there was still room!

Dimensions: TBD

Printing Press

Moves easily on wheels and can look like it “works,” with a spinning wheel and a ‘flap’ that lifts up (and paper can be pulled through it). The table can hold 3 cast members.

Dimensions: TBD

Santa Fe backdrop with cartoon on back

For the Act Two “Watch what happens” scene, where Jack turns it around to show the cartoon. It is lightweight.

Dimensions: 4′ x 8′ canvas flat.

Laundry and various set decorations

From starched laundry to bundled newspapers and tables/chairs, we have alot to offer that has been tested!

Katherine’s typewriter

This is an antique and was generously donated to us! It does not work but paper can be pulled through it.

See slideshow below for more images; full inventory here.

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